We believe in empowering trans voices.


Community Advocacy

We conduct programs to raise awareness around legal discourses surrounding trans folks and talk about trans feminist and intersectional politics that are essential to our movement.

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Sensitization Programs

We conduct sessions in educational institutions, police stations and streets in Kolkata to raise awareness about gender and sexuality and work towards creating safer spaces for trans people.

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Trans Workers Rights

Samabhabona is working on bringing together trans working class members to form a united voice against workers' rights violations.
We are very vocal about trans sex workers' rights to safer work environments without threats of violence and police brutality.

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Trans Artivism

Samabhabona believes that some of the affective engagement can be created through integrating arts and using it creatively to further human rights causes. We feel it is in an extremely important tool for starting dialogues within and outside the community, and providing a space to trans individuals who experience trauma to express themselves and reclaim their narratives.

When people ask me whether I am third gender, I ask them, what was the first gender?
— Akkai Padmashali