Our Vision

Intersectional Politics and Trans Rights


Samabhabona’s priority is working with intersectionality and addressing the various kinds of oppressions that members within the community face. This includes Queer people who suffer from caste, class, gender, race oppression. We prioritize working for these issues and feel that as the board of Samabhabona, they will be able to get a platform and access to a larger section of the queer/trans community. Within the LGBT community in West Bengal, we are the first organization to address the need for intersectional politics and sensitization towards these issues. 

Feminist organizations in West Bengal are essentially working with cis women, the involvement in trans issues does not extend beyond solidarity and sometimes even that is absent. Several organizations turn away trans women in need of support. Samabhabona wants to start an ongoing, inclusive dialogue where people start talking about the politics of trans feminism and what it entails within our immediate context. We feel that it is necessary to create an inclusive environment that is supportive and works towards helping in each other’s struggles. 

We have formed a support group for HIV positive individuals within the trans and queer community, and try to support them financially and lend emotional and psychological support. 

Samabhabona's Group at Baruipur, Disucssing Law, Advocacy and Rights. 

Samabhabona's Group at Baruipur, Disucssing Law, Advocacy and Rights.