Advocating for Rights of Trans and Queer persons


There is considerable room for improvement in awareness of rights within the trans community. This impairs the ability of the trans community as a whole to advocate for their rights. Additionally, while the NALSA judgment and Transgender Rights Bill affirm the identities of trans people and provide some rights, there are still other legal, social and economic factors that affect the lives of trans people. Unfortunately, these factors are frequently ignored in most advocacy initiatives. In order to address this, we plan to have:


  • Workshops with trans individuals on their rights and freedoms in order to build their advocacy capacities.


  •  Legal and community consultations and advocacy on additional laws/policies that will support trans people – Eg: Property, pension, decriminalization of sex work

Due to lack of Anglophonic privileges, the trans community remains extremely oppressed. There is no access to legal materials and conversations around trans identities that take place on national, state level. Many community members, in the working class and district levels are completely unaware of their fundamental rights and legalities surrounding trans identities. To tackle this we feel it is important to distribute material on a larger scale; within and outside workshop spaces to have access to a bigger community. Our activities include: 

  • Translating the materials concerning trans people that are presented at legislating bodies so that voices in the districts can oppose or support the laws they feel will make them less vulnerable.
  • Recording and distributing materials in local languages for individuals who do not know how to read.
  • Currently archiving histories and experiences of the trans community on individual levels, within and outside metropolitan spaces; to better understand each other's needs.